2016 Nouveau Conçu 6 Couleurs Corps Visage Peinture Maquillage Peinture Pigment Multicolore Série Corps Art Anne

visage couleur palette, dragons et donjons

Peinture Art

Airbrush makeup face paint temporary tattoo. Pigment powder: Can use outdoor and long last. Item: Moyenne (b, m). 12g/box * 6pcs. Blessures par balles. 5 pieces henna tattoo body paint stencil. Fletches flèche plume. Air brush kit pour gâteaux. Airbrush makeup hobby set. Whosale: Bright neon dayglow colours: En plastique modèle kits 1 35. For blacklight art. Airbrush cup capacity: Air brosse facile. 1362 g. 

Métallisé Holographique

Corps peinture néon. Henna paste brown red. Ac094p+ac005. Bouteilles aérographe. 14*4.5cm. Ac114+ac004a+ac070. Airbrush. 1 airbrush compressor set. Body fluorescence. Birthday party, halloween, performance. 4.766kg. Tatouage flash. Airrbrush nozzle: Compressor pressure adjust way: International conveter 100-240v. Argent feuilles. 0.2mm 0.3mm 0.8mm airbrush gun. Précision hobby couteaux. 

Peinture Compresseur

Use for : 6piece. Led light tattoo lamps for machine gun. De zinc couleur peinture. Bouteilles réutilisables. 1 oz powder 11 colors available (30 g 11  colors). L'eau couleurs peintures. Henna paste bottle using(with needle):Corps festival glitter. Cleaning pot: Car paint & decorating. 12 pieces. Art bijoux corps. Wall/car paint, makeup, tanning, body & nail paint, cake decoration. Ac041. Jmhb002. Diy / temporary / waterproof / non-toxic / painless. Gravity dual action airbrush/air brush/air-brush. 0.3mm airbrush set/air-brush. Ab-136. 

Système De Peinture

160 g. Painting and decorating. 7.5l/min. Portable mini air compressor. Corps peinture artiste. Doigt art. Visage maquillage. Schmink face painting maquiagens. Hot body art. Peinture pour le visage professionnel. Airbrush body paint inks. Charm color. Breast beauty enhancement bella cream. 90 psi. 

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The Royal Fanzine

The Royal Fanzine is a kaleidoscope of royal-themed creativity and diversity founded by Ashley Michael, Marcia Tracy, and Natalia Corbalan.

The Royal Fanzine is a kaleidoscope of royal-themed creativity and diversity founded by Ashley Michael, Marcia Tracy, and Natalia Corbalan. Marcia Tracy is the reigning Editor-in-Chief and "voice" of the 'Zine.

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13/2/2017: Princess Haya bint Al Hussein delivered a speech on the second day of the World Government Summit at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai. She said the world must act to help the hundreds of millions of people who live each day in hunger and poverty or risk “losing our humanity” and ending world hunger is imperative for humanitarian, political and economic reasons.

“There are still 800 million people in the world who are suffering hunger and poverty,” she said. “The poor and the hungry do not think about anything but how to gain their daily bread. If we don’t move on that then we lose our humanity, something that is worse than the disaster itself.”

Princess Haya urged leaders and policymakers to pursu e ways to help those in need. She said the launch of the UAE Food Bank programme was a step in contributing to the elimination of hunger around the UAE and the globe. “Our plan of action on a humanitarian level will start by putting an end to hunger and then fighting poverty through innovation and transparency.” The Food and Agriculture Organisation says that annual food waste worldwide is worth about US$2.6 trillion, or Dh9.54tn, she said. (The National)


13/2/2017: Queen Rania met with the members of the Phi Science Institute in Amman to learn about its efforts in promoting innovative educational approaches among children and youth.

Now with 140 members, the initiative began three years ago as a small club created by Hashemite University medical student Ahmad Jadallah to offer engaging workshops and conduct scientific research after struggling in his first year with rigid teaching methods and curricula. His initiative soon evolved to spread wider awareness about the importance of science and scientific research for youth development through five core programs. 

The Queen joined members of the institute in a discussion about their personal experiences with the Jordanian education system a nd the shortfalls of scientific research in Jordan and the region. She highlighted the importance of investing in scientific educational programs that rely on innovative and engaging teaching techniques, and called for active collaborations between scientific institutions that work in the same field in order to benefit more Jordanian students. 

Her Majesty stopped by PhiNova, the institute’s main writing, translation and publishing program, which publishes more than 600 translated scientific articles, and Phi Scientific Research Society, a community platform for research that connects veteran Arab researchers and students. She also dropped by PhiQuarks, the initiative’s experimental branch, and PhiSci, which deals with video programming and specialized courses. (Source: Petra)


8 February 2017

Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, and Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall, attended the retirement dinner of Richard Chartres, The Bishop of London, at Lambeth Palace, London.


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6 Feburary 2017: Prince Albert II of Monaco visited the Oxford Union at The University of Oxford 

Photos:  Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco


Crown Princess Mary opened a new exhibit in Aarhus called “Jewel Box” which features 1,000 pieces of jewelry from the period 1900-2000.


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February 6, 2017 || His Majesty King Harald was in attendance at the official opening of the Tråante 2017 centennial celebration today. The celebration marks the 100th anniversary of the first congress of the Sami people, which was held on 6 February 1917 in Trondheim.

One hundred years ago today, representatives from many parts of Sápmi (the Sami areas) came together for the first time to promote their cause as one people across national borders. Elsa Laula Renberg, a pioneering activist for Sami rights, was the organiser of the first Sami congress held at the Trondheim United Methodist Church in 1917. Her work is being honoured today. Sami National Day has been celebrated on 6 February since 1993.

Source: The Royal Court

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King awards medals

Tuesday, 7 February, The King HM The King’s Medal and litteris et artibus at a ceremony in Lovisa Ulrika dining at the Royal Palace.

HM The King’s Medal was established around 1814 and is available in several sizes. The awarded Swedish and foreign citizens for special merit.

Litteris et artibus was instituted in 1853 by Crown Prince Carl (XV) . The medal is awarded for outstanding artistic achievements mainly in music, stage performance and literature.

7 February 2017

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6 Feburary 2017: Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge & Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge attended  the Place2Be Big Assembly With Heads Together For Children’s Mental Health Week

Video: The Daily Mail

6 Feburary 2017: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended  The Guild of Health Writers Conference with Heads Together 

Photos: The Daily Mail



6/02/3017 King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima toninght host a diner in honour of German President Gauck and his wife Daniela Schadt in Palace Noordeinde, Netherlands.

Photos: Patrick van Katwijk

Queen Maxima is wearing the Ruby Peacock Tiara as a necklace for this dinner. 

Daniela Schadt is NOT the German President’s wife.Just domestic partnership. No marriage.

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